What is the process ?

First we will discuss your business and your intentions. We will determine your needs, and I will design a template based on conversations. When you approve the design, I will bring it to life as a fully functioning website.

What does custom built mean ?

You’ll find that in some cases ‘web developers’ will use a pre existing theme as the basis for your website. I believe that your business is unique, and your specific needs deserve to be met, so custom built means your site will be made from scratch to meet your objectives.

Are there other advantages to custom built ?

Of course! Seeing as I’ve written all of the code for your website, I can guarantee that it’s built properly. I can also guarantee, this way, that each area of your website is easily customizable for any future updates you might wish to do.

Why WordPress ?

WordPress is what we call a content management system. This means that you have access to what is called a ‘backend’. This is where you can easily update and add content to your website. This makes it very simple for you to maintain an up-to-date online presence, and even a blog!

Can I connect my social media to my website ?

You sure can!  Whether you’re involved in FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube or you name it, we can integrate it with your website and make it easy for your users to gain access to your complete online presence.

How long will it take to complete my site ?

Every site is different, and it really depends on the scope of the project. Although, at the very minimum each website does require research and communication, a template mock up, revisions, HTML/CSS slicing, WordPress integration, browser testing, and the launching set up, so they do take at least a few weeks!

Will I need to hire you to make updates in the future ?

No! Not for the most part anyway. Your website will be designed to be self sufficient. You should be able to update all the photo and text areas on your own, with ease. You would only need assistance if you decided you wanted to add or remove something major.